• Abu Galum Jeep Safari

    0 out of 5

    Jeep safari to the most picturesque protectorate of Egypt Abu Galum – with its high mountains, narrow sinuous valleys, freshwater springs, costal sand dunes, gravel alluvial fans, raised fossil coral reefs and low lying saline sabkha.

    Pick up from the hotel

    Pick up from your hotel in Sharm el Sheikh between 7.00 and 7.30 AM


    Drive through Sinai desert
    Drive by Land Cruiser vehicle through the desert, through Wadi Mander, come close to the Bedouins life and enjoy with the nature of the desert.


    Camel Ride
    For around one hour we will ride camel along the shoreline of the Gulf of Aqaba till the blue hole. During your ride the beauty of the nature and clear waters of the Red sea will astonish you.


    Snorkeling in the Blue hole
    We will stop for snorkeling or diving in the famous beautiful site called Blue hole. There you will enjoy not only with the different colors of the fishes and corals but also with the different colors of the water itself.


    Lunch will be offered by Bedouins.


    Snorkeling at the Lagoun
    After lunch we will drive to another beautiful place called Laguon where we will have a great time for Snorkeling and relaxation on the beach.


    Free time in Dahab
    Drive back to Dahab and end your tour with some shopping on the bazaar of Dahab city.


    Transfer back from Dahab to your Hotel

    At the end of your tour your jeep driver will transfer you back to your hotel in Sharm al Sheikh

    The program includes:
    1-Transfers by 4×4 vehicles,
    2-Lunch, soft drinks in the car, camel ride, tour guide.

    The program excludes:
    1-Snorkeling equipment, tipping, drinks in the restaurant.
    2-Any extras not mentioned in the program.

  • Bedouin Dinner And Camel Rides in Sharm

    0 out of 5

    The sunset is one of the moments in which the desert expresses its fascination.

    One of the best ways to enjoy this fairy tale atmosphere is visiting on a dromedary, a sweet and precious companion that lives in the desert and covers huge distances.

    To make your experience even more magical, there will be a stop at a Bedouin tent for an unforgettable tea in the desert.

    Followed by a traditional dinner accompanied by folk songs and dances.

    An emotion that you will remember for a long time and that will make your vacation truly memorable.

  • Camel Ride

    0 out of 5

    The sunset is one of the moments in which the desert expresses its fascination.

    One of the best ways to enjoy this fairy tale atmosphere is visiting on a dromedary, a sweet and precious companion that lives in the desert and covers huge distances.

  • COLOR CANYON + Blue Lagoon (Blue Grotto)

    0 out of 5

    The Desert Mountains, which are the Sinai’s most striking feature, conceal one of its most beautiful sights – the Colored Canyon.

    Not far from the coastal village of Nuweiba, this remarkably deep, narrow crevice is streaked with purple,Red, yellow and orange mineral deposits.

    We run this tour on Saturday & Tuesday

  • Horse Riding

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    Arabian Horse Riding

    Despite the fact that most people associate the desert with camels, horses have been used for centuries to transport men and goods all around Arabia.

    Today horseback riding is one of Sharm’s most appealing activities, giving riders the chance to fully enjoy the beauty and serenity of their surroundings at a leisurely pace and without any roaring engines in the background.

    An instructor will need to assess your riding skills before allowing you to go on a horse.

    Instruction is offered to all levels, from beginners to advanced riders who want to polish up on their skills. An added advantage to learning to ride here is that you train on Arabian horses which are a bit harder to control, so once you have mastered your riding in Sharm, you will feel fairly confident around most horses back home.

    We run this tour every day 

    Pickup time between 2 pm – 4 pm or 4 am  depending on your hotel’s location and preferred trip time

  • Mix Safari

    0 out of 5

    Excursion to the extreme safari In Sharm El Sheikh: Quad Bike riding + buggy riding + camel riding

  • Quad biking in Sharm

    0 out of 5

    You are an adventurer and you want to conquer the desert on a four-wheel motorbike: so you go on a quad-running trip. Quad running doesn’t really require a driver. You just place one finger on a button and off you go as they are usually automatic. Quad running vehicles can seat up to two persons, so you can drive alone, or take a partner along behind you and switch.

    We run this tour every day: 04.00 am / 10.00 am/ 02.00 pm /04.00 pm


  • Sand Dune Buggy 4X4 Desert Safari

    0 out of 5

    For off-road enthusiasts, we recommend an excursion with Safari Buggies. Small super springy cars created for sandy and rough trails.

    Fun is guaranteed!

    During the excursion there is a stop at a Bedouin tent where, according to local customs, you will be offered the traditional tea that we recommend you enjoy in silence while watching the beautiful colours of the desert.

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    Star gazing

    0 out of 5

    Imagine a tent, low tables, and a man wearing a galabiya and a black-and-white scarf around his head serving you tea,
    Then look outside the tent, and you will see the camels grazing nearby. A Bedouin woman, dressed in black from head to toe, is bending over a tray filled with decorative beads. Then look around and you will see that you’re not alone.
    Camel Rides, Bedouin Dinner & Stargazing trip – Sharm El Sheikh Egypt


  • Star gazing 5 X 1

    0 out of 5

    A fantastic chance to experience real Bedouin life. Ride a camel, enjoy a quad or buggy safari, watch the beautiful sunset over the Sinai desert, drink and eat authentic Bedouin food, watch a great show of belly dancing, fire-breathing and more. Then stand back and watch the spectacular view of the milky way and stars through a telescope before getting back on your quad or buggy for a final safari through the desert.

    This trip runs on Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays and Thursdays. .

    Upon arriving you will go on a 60 minute Quad biking or Buggies in the Sinai desert, afterwards you will get on a camel for  30 minute safari to the Bedouin camp.  On arrival we spend some time in a real Bedouin tent where you can chill out and have a rest, drink authentic Bedouin tea with herbs and smoke the water pipe (Shisha).

    After some chill-out time in the tent, experience a delicious Bedouin dinner under the candle light in the middle of the beautiful Sharm desert followed by a Bedouin show consisting of Bedouin dancing, belly dancing and a Tanura show. After all of this noise and excitement you will have some time to sit back amongst the dead silence and look up at the spectacular view of the milky way and stars through a telescope placed in the desert.

    After a fantastic evening of drinking, eating, star gazing and experiencing the life of a Bedouin, you get back on your quad or buggy for a final ride back to the quad centre where our mini bus will be waiting to transfer you back to your hotel.